I run commercial software like Windows and access unknown sources on the Internet all day, every day.  All my web work is accessed on the Linux side of my system because of its resistance to attacks. I can start up Windows when I must to run apps like Office or PaintShop. Because I backup all my "stuff" on a separate hard drive I can rebuild my computer if necessary by simply re-installing the affected operating system.
​​John Duffy
Rebuild Your System   /  Recertified Systems  /  New Custom Computers
The first step is to determine the capability of converting your Windows computer to Linux or adding Linux as a second operating system to Windows (dual-boot). If your hardware is capable, I will select a Linux distro suitable for your computing requirements. In 90+% of cases, we'll find a perfect match to balance performance, stability, and security.

If you care about your stuff and want a platform that assures this kind of integrity, contact me about custom configured systems designed to maintain your digital property.
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There is no charge to assess your computer for a Linux installation and or re-install of Microsoft Windows. Flat fee of $150 per machine for conversion capable computers - and I'll convert your system at your location.

On-Site IT Services in Northeast Wisconsin
Want to know more about open-source computers?​​
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Looking for a new machine or have an old clunker that needs an overhaul?

Maybe you've said enough is enough with Windows. Before sinking a lot of money into a new Microsoft or Apple based computer, consider a Linux solution. Windows 10 runs between $100 - $225 depending on the version. Save this money or add a better hardware upgrade to your system.
Flat Conversion Rate $150*
Price includes file recovery up to
50GB plus 1 hour of training.

* Existing hardware is
functional & compatible
Browse my Youtube Channel - some of the best Linux professionals in the business are found here.